“The better we understand how identities and power work together from one context to another, the less likely our movements for change are to fracture.”

Kimberle Williams Crenshaw


The CT Empire is a brand that revolves around the workings of Cecily, the founder. Cecily travels around the US to speak at various colleges, workplaces, conferences, etc. about justice and systemic change.
Cecily continues their activism through online engagement, such as their podcast (My Queer Empire) and updating weareunapologetic: The CT Empire’s mass research/resource website.

Follow me and my story as I go through the Moderna vaccination process as an essential worker in NYC. I’ll be answering 4 questions in every episode: what I did that day, new symptoms, my temperature, and my overall state of being. Available now!

My Queer Empire is a health and communication studies theory podcast, with select activist topics, features guest speakers, movie analyses, and more! Get your merch to help fund startup costs by clicking the “My Queer Empire” menu item above!

Each month will feature a unique theme with which the episodes will cater to! This month’s theme is ACAB. We will be focusing on the war on drugs & cops in the media. Schedule: 4/10 Cops and Drugs: Origin Story;  4/22 EVT, AVT, and ACAB: Cops and Media.

Click below to download the check-in mental health image.

Send it over text, snapchat, etc by editing it to show how you’re doing. Lets take care of each other. All of your lives matter, and I love you all.

You can check the boxes, hilight them, X them, or dot them with a color. Either way, this tool can be helpful for processing your emotions and holding your mental health gently as you work through your days. You are strong and resilient, the days will get better, you got this.


This pandemic is taking lives across the globe, and the USA’s numbers are climbing quickly. Hospitals are flooded and there are simply not enough supplies. Folks are being turned away and forced to suffer if they don’t have insurance or they’re of a younger age.

We must do our part and practice precautions and implement aggressive preventative strategies for our own health and the health of others. This issue is as much an individual as it is a community issue. Individual care is simultaneous community care. Click the button below for a comprehensive guide that breaks down the virus and gives tips, steps, and links to sites that will keep you updated. Download for personal reference.

Meet the team!

Cecily (he/him, they/them)

Founder, CEO


Research Assistant

(any pronouns)

Media Specialist

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