1/10 – My Queer Empire – Self Care: BV and Hygiene

This episode will discuss bacterial vaginosis and hygiene.

Find the episode here:

My COVID Vaccine Booster Day 17 My Queer Empire

Lots of things happened regarding COVID in the past 24hrs! Take a listen. Get an update on how I'm doing and then a quick run down of the news. So much is happening, so much is worse, things are in chaos. Take a dive with me into this episode! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/myqueerempire/support
  1. My COVID Vaccine Booster Day 17
  2. My COVID Vaccine – Booster Days 10-16.
  3. My COVID Vaccine – Booster Day 9
  4. My COVID Vaccine – Booster Day 8
  5. My COVID Vaccine – Booster Days 6/7
In the episode, Cecily discusses the analogy that the vagina is almost like a castle! Here’s the graphic for it below so you can follow along:

Toy Cleaner Recommendations

Anjou Toy Cleaner, Fragrance Free, Water Based, Foaming Cleaner.

Fifty Shades Toy Cleaner

Jo Refresh Toy Cleaner, Fragrance free

  • Follow directions on toy cleaner package
  • Ensure your toy is properly stored away from fragrances and in a cool, dry place
  • Put it in a silk bag to ensure it stays sterile if possible
  • Use a condom with cheaper toys especially to prevent bacterial infections, as they’re likely more porous and fester more bacteria


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