CTE Merch

MQE Stickers help fund the podcast and overall funds.
Free shipping available on all sticker purchases!

CTE Logo Sticker

Get your CTE Logo sticker! Durable, cute, 3×3 waterproof vinyl sticker. Get yours today!


MQE Logo Sticker

Get your LQE Logo sticker! This is the logo of our podcast, My Queer Empire. Get yours today!


MQE Skyline Sticker

Get your MQE Skyline sticker! This is our skyline logo of the podcast– get yours today! Add a holographic unique flare to your sticker collection while supporting the podcast!


MQE Sticker Pack

3 sticker pack – Get all 3 stickers (including the limited edition!) for only $10!


LIMITED EDITION – MQE Radio Wave Logo Sticker

Get the LIMITED EDITION radio wave logo sticker– holographic waterproof vinyl limited edition sticker for the win! Get yours today!



CTE White Hoodie

Simple hoodie for the winter months! Cotton, cute, and easy to tie dye!