Intensity Ranking: Each program has a 1-5 ranking to let you know how advanced the program is. 5 is the highest, most advanced ranking, with 1 being the least advanced/most introductory ranking. Each program can be morphed into a lower or higher intensity, but only by request.

NEW: COVID-19 101

This webinar will be directed towards disclosure and knowledge around COVID-19. We will cover:
~What COVID-19 is; the difference between virus and bacteria, pandemic and epidemic
~What the virus does
~Transmission methods to be aware of
~Different prevention methods
~State research to follow
~National research to follow
~National projections

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You’re smart I guess: Navigating Academia and Activism as a QTPOC (5)

This presentation is for those who want to learn more about systemic oppression in the academia realm, and how activism falls into that sector. In this lecture, Cecily discusses the ways that cyclical barriers intersect with professors and students; from discredit to dismissal, and why it’s important to understand where you lie, and how you can combat that system. This is a primary call to action for systemic change, and seeks to educate those seeking more information on being a QTPOC in academia.

Suggested: Workshop, Keynote, Lecture

Building an Empire: On Systemic Change (5)

This lecture seeks to draw attention to the importance of systemic change. In this lecture, Cecily talks about their empire building, and why POC feel the need to build their own empires against systems that were not built for them. This lecture follows Cecily’s past, how the CT Empire came to be, how you can start systemic change, and why social justice isn’t about rallies if you don’t listen to the cries.

Suggested: Keynote, Lecture

Divide and Conquer: On Whiteness and being a QTPOC (4)

This advanced lecture follows the ways that whiteness shows up more often than not for QTPOC. From colonization to modern day dismissal, whiteness shows up in multiple ways; and white folks have long divided and conquered QTPOC to maintain dominance. This lecture will contain history, fact, research, and a sprinkle of experience as we dive into the colonial mindset and understand more of the QTPOC perspective.

Suggested: Keynote, Lecture,

LGBTQ+ Activist Skills and Homeless Youth (3)

The LGBTQ+ youth community make up a larger percentage of the at risk and unhoused population in the USA. Combining Cecily’s passion to help the unhoused and at risk community and LGBTQ+ youth folks, this presentation gives tools and tips for activism through the lens of homeless youth. This presentation will give you tips on how to improve your activism through examples on how to help the homeless youth population; as well as shed light on some of the systemic injustices that rain and work in our society today.

Suggested: Training, Workshop

Gender is Fake, but you are real. (2)

Gender is a construct invented by cultures to describe the experiences of those with certain chromosomes that have been deemed a certain role. This influence can come from religion or just cultural exploration. The construct of gender can be dated back many years; and this presentation shows you why gender is not only fluid, it’s socially constructed. This presentation will allow you to understand the intricacies of the difficulties of gender identity, gender expression, gender orientation, and everything under the TGNC umbrella. You will learn why gender is fake, and you, an individual with experiences, are real.

This session includes:
~Discussion with Cecily on their experience with gender/breaking the binaries
~A Binder safety session: How to safely bind/binder care 101
~How to properly tuck/safe tucking 101
~How to properly pack/care for your packer
~National resource packet
~Safety tips with gender expression

Suggested: Panel, Lecture, Workshop, Classroom Facilitation

QTPOC 101 (1)

This presentation can be very easily altered to be advanced, or introductory. This presentation goes over history, the intersections, and personal experiences of being a QTPOC. Being a QTPOC like Cecily can be difficult in multiple systemic ways all at once; and this presentation shows you why. Find out the basics of how QTPOC have been the backbone of the LGBTQ+ liberation movement, and how educating yourself is the first step in aiding the liberation of QTPOC.

Suggested: Training, Panel, Workshop, Lecture

Communication: Words Don’t Mean Things, People Do (1)

Communication is the root of all. Language and culture are the base for which a society forms. Essentially, humans assigned meaning to words and concepts; and once we get to the root of them, and understand the logistics for bigotry and incompetence, we can begin to work towards justice. This presentation has three variations.

LGBTQ+ Communication: This presentation focuses on communication and language within the LGBTQ+ community. This is ideal for introducing a crowd to the community, the various identities, some tips for communication, and basic competency.

Neurodivergent Communication: Cecily lives with bipolar II, anxiety, and PTSD. Learn about how neurodivergence in the LGBTQ+ community influences self esteem and body image, how folks communicate, and why it’s important to understand the perils of LGBTQ+ neurodivergent communication. This presentation dives into the ways that ability factors into the LGBTQ+ community, POC community, and gender variant community, and why it’s important to remain educated and inclusive of all abilities.

Workplace Communication: Having trouble being inclusive in the workplace? Not understanding why your problematic co-workers seem to brush off inclusivity? Or how about just needing a safe space training? This workshop will give the basics on inslusivity and minority competency. By the end of this training, you’ll be able to understand the importance of inclusivity, and why intent vs. impact is important for the workplace.

Suggested: Training, Workshop, Classroom Facilitation

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